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Chuzz - Vocals/Keys
Sash - Vocals/Sax
Georgia - Guitar
Harold - Drums
Matt - Bass

Mid Wales

Do The Dog Music (UK), Rocking Records (Germany), Megalith (USA), Care Factor (Australia)

“Unbelievable! This band is great. Britpop Twotone?! The Beatles meets Madness?! I don't know how to describe it but I love it” The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Cartoon Violence are one of the fastest rising talents on the current UK ska scene. Hailing from the wilds of Mid Wales, they are fronted by the formidable vocalist and piano/organ player, Chuzz; whose unique stage presence builds upon soaring vocals, skanking piano and crazy Hammond lines. He's played with a plethora of Ska artists, from Neol Davies to The Toasters.

A sparkling and intriguing vocal duet has presented itself with the inclusion of Smoke Like A Fish member Sash, who also adds Sax, while Chuzz's former band mates from 3 Minute Warning; Matt and Harold (regular Toasters drummer) complete the rhythm section with, original Cartoon Violence guitarist, Milky who returns to the fold.

The Cartoon Violence sound is an insanely catchy affair that mixes super bouncy 2 tone ska with distinctly British sounding pop & indie stylings. Their songs capture the classic Brit Pop storytelling vibe of the likes of The Kinks, Madness, Squeeze, The Hotknives & Parklife-era Blur, with each tune lyrically being like a mini kitchen sink drama in its own right! Endless soaring energy, great sing-a-long choruses & wonderful piano/organ melodies are all hallmarks of the band's unique ska sound.

Cartoon Violence's superb debut album "Whatever Happened To The Likely Lad?" was released in 2008 on cult UK ska label Do The Dog Music & received great reviews & airplay on ska radio shows across the globe. Since its release the band have toured extensively around the UK sharing stages with the likes of Toots & The Maytals, Roddy Radiation, Bad Manners, Ruts DC, Random Hand, & The Toasters along the way.

Cartoon Violence have since spread their wings further afield with their stunning second album, titled "Tit For Tat", and released across Europe by Rocking Records, in the USA by Megalith Records & in Australia by Care Factor Records, as well as in the UK by Do The Dog Music. Now their eagerly awaited third album is in its final stages and the pre-release singles/videos “Serpico” and “Much Ado About Nothing” have already piqued their fans appetite. With tour dates building up, 2018 looks to be a very exciting year for Cartoon Violence.


“Unbelievable! This band is great. Britpop Twotone?! The Beatles meets Madness?! I don't know how to describe it but I love it”
-Tim (Vegas) Mighty Mighty Bosstones

“From the first chords of the opening track, Vauxhall Nova, you're hooked and wanting more, Jangly pianos, real life lyrics... A CD full of contagious tunes that I bet will go down a storm live. Fingers crossed this lot continue because their potential sounds tremendous”
-Scootering Magazine – Album Of The Month

“The lyrics are clever and very catchy, the sound quality and musicianship are first rate, Piano is featured prominently and it sounds great Classic UK pop ska!”
-Musical Occupation webzine! (USA)

“Fucking amazing, unique sound.”
-Reb - Dirty Revolution

“Proper, sunshine ska pop”
-Adam Walton - Radio Wales

“This CD is GREAT!!!, I really liked it a LOT!!, It is a band clearly influenced by Madness and also The Hotknives (two of my favourite British SKA bands of all time!)"
-Caplis - Desorden Publico

“The presence of 3 Minute Warning keyboardist Chuzz is immediately obvious as the keys are such an important part of the band's sound. There are undertones of 3MW in the sound, but this CD, particularly in the second half, is a bit darker. This is certainly a very good debut CD, which i have been listening to a hell of a lot”
-TNS Records Zine

“That's a blinding song you've got there..great stuff..!!”
-(Attic) Mick Clare – Squid/Hotknives

“I would have spent a bit more time/effort casting the role of Teresa in the Video! hurh hurh, nice tune, liked the piano solo!"
-(Teresa Video) Mike Barson - Madness

“This cd has been in constant rotation, when I tell you I also ordered The Aggrolites and I haven't played it yet I think you get the message! Its absolutely bloody unbelievably fantastic. Its probably been produced on a shoestring but the songs are so strong I can't begin to tell you how talented this guy is.

Strong melodies, story telling lyrics and ska of light and shade and different moods. The ska attack of 3MW is in there as too are the keyboards under pinning everything but there is a more considered approach to how each song is tackled and the result is, well, effective to say the least!

There are nine tracks and they are all class but Attic, Do Something About It and Johnny Come Lately are absolutely stunning. So ORDER IT, you'll not be disappointed, its a release that you will play again and again.”
-Simon Flaherty

“A plethora of potential is located here and if CV attain the quality of these 9 tracks then they are going to earn some incredible praise and appreciation. One of the finds of the year and it will be more than interesting as to what their next release will sound like and what in fact they are like as a 'live' band. The 'bands to see' list just gets bigger.”
-Fungal Punk Nature webzine

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